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stock photo of female physician's hands placing a stethoscope on a child's belly

Children and youth with special health care needs (CYSHCN) often require care by multiple pediatric subspecialists. Due to a shortage of these physicians, families can wait months for initial visits, and they may have to travel long distances to get to their appointments. These delays in care can cause significant hardships for parents and caregivers and can negatively affect health outcomes for CYSHCN.

To better understand the problem in California, our Foundation supported a team of researchers, in partnership with statewide family, provider, and hospital organizations, to survey pediatric subspecialists and families of CYSHCN about accessing health care in our state.

The resulting resources provide insight into the drivers of the shortage, the impacts on CYSHCN and their families, and policy implications for California and beyond.

Provider Perspectives

Caregiver and Family Perspectives

More From the Field

Contributing Partners

Children’s Specialty Care Coalition

California Children’s Hospital Association

Practical Research Solutions (Tali Klima)

University of California San Francisco – Center for Excellence in Primary Care

Family Resource Centers Network of California


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