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National Children’s Health Day is October 3. On this day, we raise awareness of the health issues facing children and celebrate all that we have accomplished so far.

This day wouldn’t be the same without our donors. Everything we do is made possible by you.

Since opening our doors 25 years ago, we—with your support—have changed countless lives.

We have welcomed more than 110,000 babies into the world, made numerous contributions to the medical field with innovative technology and treatments, and provided financial resources to families who cannot afford the full cost of their care.

To ease the hospital experience for patients and families, we have thrown proms and parties; provided art, recreation, music, and pet therapy; offered on-site schooling; and brought free medical care to homeless and uninsured Bay Area youth through our Teen Health Van.

In countless other ways, we have worked to ensure that patients receive innovative, compassionate care and worked towards improved futures for kids locally and globally.

Next year, we will open the nation’s most technologically advanced, family-friendly, and environmentally sustainable children’s hospital with our 521,000-square foot expansion.

With your support, all this has been possible. You have truly made an impact on children’s health. THANK YOU.

There are many ways to support children’s health! You can:

Thank you for your continued support!