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Pediatric Cancer

Pushing Boundaries for Care and Cures

Over the last 40 years, science has flipped the odds for children with cancer. Today, 85% of kids with cancer survive. Yet, cancer is the No. 1 cause of death by disease for children under age 15, and many current cancer treatments are toxic. Children with rare, recurrent, and hard-to-treat cancers urgently need us to invent gentler, more effective treatments. Donor support can accelerate new research and novel therapies being pioneered at Stanford.

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A Cancer Patient's Desire to Make a Difference

"I'm not afraid to die. I'm afraid to not make an impact before I do." - Jace Ward, age 20

“We have everything necessary to make a game-changing difference for children with cancer—not just here but also around the country. Now we need to fund it.”

Dr. Tanja Gruber, Director, Bass Center for Childhood Cancer and Blood Diseases, Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford

Advancing Cancer Research

Dr. Michelle Monje is a neuroscientist and neuro-oncologist working to understand a rare, universally fatal form of childhood brain cancer. Her groundbreaking work is upending the field of pediatric brain tumor research and giving families hope.

Dr. Crystal Mackall, a world leader in immunology, directs Stanford’s Center for Cancer Cell Therapy and is principal investigator of multiple cutting-edge clinical trials. She is forging new ways to engineer a child’s immune system to target and destroy cancer cells, shrinking tumors and putting their disease into remission.

Dr. Alice Bertaina developed an innovative way to improve stem cell transplants that has the potential to keep even the toughest cancers in remission. She is now working on adapting her graft-manipulation technique to make solid-organ transplants immunosuppression and rejection-free.

Dr. Kara Davis studies cancer cell development in order to better predict at diagnosis which patients might relapse after treatment. This knowledge will help care teams choose the best therapies to use immediately, increasing a child’s chances of surviving and thriving.

Dr. Raya Saab is a pediatric oncologist who specializes in solid tumors such as sarcomas and retinoblastomas. Her research focuses on finding ways to interrupt communication between tumor cells to ultimately stop them from spreading.

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Meet Marlee-Jo, the Cancer Warrior Princess

5-year-old Marlee-Jo was diagnosed with a rare form of childhood cancer but was able to beat it with help from her family and medical team.

10-month-old leukemia patient with music therapy

Our Vision: Cancer-Free Childhoods

The Bass Center for Childhood Cancer and Blood Diseases is our hospital’s nationally ranked pediatric cancer center. Our pediatric specialists and research scientists are known globally for developing groundbreaking treatments, including only-at-Stanford clinical trials, immunotherapy, gene therapy, and stem cell transplantation.

The Bass Center is a place of hope for families whose children have treatment-resistant cancer or blood diseases. With donor support, we will accelerate discoveries and refine today’s therapies to make treatment gentler and safer for kids.

Pursuing Ambitious Goals

Expand Research and Treatment Programs

Donor support can fuel research and bring treatments to more kids with cancer by growing our strongest programs and investing in areas like retinoblastoma and neuroblastoma.

Support the Whole Child and Family

Cancer takes a heavy toll. To ease the burden, we provide services such as family assistance for daily essentials, music and art therapy, mental health support, and special programs for teens. 

Increase Access to Clinical Trials

We are on a mission to double the number of Stanford-led clinical trials, making potentially life-saving therapies accessible to more kids—and a more diverse patient population.

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Give Hope to Kids with Cancer

Your support will bring world-class treatments to kids today and fuel the transformative breakthroughs of tomorrow.

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Make a Difference for Kids with Cancer

Jordan Franklin, Director of Development, Cancer Campaign