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Assessment Tool Dissemination and Technical Assistance to Improve Family Engagement in Agencies and Organizations

Organization: Family Voices

Primary Contact: Nora Wells

Grant Amount: $174,334 for 18 months

Date Awarded:


Family engagement is effective for improving health care quality and outcomes; patient safety; patient, family and provider satisfaction; and for reducing costs. Yet meaningful family engagement by health care agencies and organizations is far from the norm. Previously, the Foundation supported national Family Voices to develop a self-assessment tool to be used by entities serving children and families. It is intended to promote the engagement of families in their operations and help those who are partnering with families to understand how comprehensive and effective their processes are. This new project will encourage use of the assessment tool and accompanying resources to assess, guide, and improve family and youth engagement.

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These case studies demonstrate how three organizations used the Family Engagement in Systems Assessment Tools (FESAT) to plan, assess, or improve family engagement policies and practices in systems-level initiatives.

The Family Voices Family Engagement in Systems Assessment Tool (FESAT), available in English and Spanish, can be used for planning, assessing, and improving family engagement in systems-level initiatives. This interview describes the experience of implementing this approach in a statewide Title V program and offers recommendations for use.