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Development of a Pediatric Chronic Care Visit Planner: Engaging Families to Improve the Quality and Outcomes of Care for Children with Special Health

Organization: Johns Hopkins University

Primary Contact: Christina Bethell, PhD, MBA, MPH

Grant Amount: $225,000 for 12 months

Date Awarded:


For the development of an online tool to help families engage more actively in planning health care visits for their children with special health care needs. This project is designed to improve the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of scheduled pediatric visits. Preventive care is particularly important for children with complex conditions because these visits are intended to forestall complications of their illness and deterioration of their health status. Currently there is no consensus on the best content or process for such visits.   

“Research shows that including the patient or the family in planning the content of medical visits leads to better health outcomes and higher satisfaction with care,” said Ed Schor, MD, senior vice president at the foundation. “This online tool will provide guidance for families and care providers alike.”



Project completed