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San Joaquin County 5Cs

Organization: Family Resource Network

Primary Contact: Lisa Culley

Grant Amount: $17,932 for 12 months

Date Awarded:


The lack of consistent, reliable referral paths to mental and behavioral health services for children with special health care needs and their families is a barrier to obtaining services. The mental and behavioral health service delivery systems include multiple payers, with providers funded by various state and national funding streams, which complicates the landscape for these crucial services. Eligibility for services may be categorical or geographic, and services may be available locally (in San Joaquin County) or require out-of-county travel. To address these access issues, the SJ 5Cs will identify needs and existing resources for services, with greater involvement of parent advocates of the children who require these services. The 5Cs then will create tools to better coordinate and share information about available resources and identify gaps in the service system.

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