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A System for Publicly Financed Care of CSHCN in California attempts to present a coherent plan for a system for California’s Children with Special Health Care Needs while identifying the key issues and decisions that might arise as the system is developed. Some of the items represent current approaches, while others suggest alternative ones. Some are more easily implemented than others. Disagreement with the content of the document is anticipated and encouraged, as its purpose is to foster productive discussion. The paper outlines principles and goals, and discusses issues related to system structure, administration, providers, benefits and services, quality assurance and incentives.

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Findings from a survey of California-based caregivers that asked them about their experiences receiving peer support for caring for children and youth with special health care needs.

This fact sheet explains the methods used in a study of California caregivers of CYSHCN, including the study’s purpose, survey instrument, sample, survey distribution, data analysis, and more.