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Some people spend their retirement traveling the world, or at the very least away from their place of employment. Not Barry Fleisher, MD, a former neonatologist. For the past 20 months, Dr. Fleisher has documented our hospital expansion in a beautiful photo series recently featured in local news outlet InMenlo.

One of our favorite photos shows the structure of the Discovery Garden, which he writes is, “an important outdoor space which will provide respite for kids and their families. It’s emblematic of the care that is being taken to create an environment that brings beauty and peace.”

The hospital expansion is set to open in mid-2017, and Dr. Fleisher plans to continue his project until then.

“I’m delighted to be able to continue this work and appreciative of the support and encouragement that has been afforded me by the hospital administration and the contractors,” Dr. Fleisher writes. “I am filled with admiration for the workers. The hospital is coming to life thanks to their tireless efforts.”

Thank you for sharing your photography and talents with us, Dr. Fleisher!