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I never thought this day would come. I got to dance with my son at his wedding.

My son, Brian, entered Packard Children’s at 16 months old in 1992. He had been a perfect baby who suddenly became ill. We bounced from one hospital to another with no answers for his mystery illness until we finally came to Packard Children’s, where they diagnosed him with an immune deficiency. For 13 years, my entire family—with Brian’s two little sisters always in tow—was in and out of the hospital for his intravenous immunoglobulin treatments and multiple surgeries. It was our home away from home. We spent nine Christmases there.

If there wasn’t this hospital, there would be no Brian. This hospital, the staff—the janitor, the sticker man, the nurses, doctors, and other members of his team—all played a role in our lives that words could never express.

Brian is now 27, working in law enforcement and enjoying an active life. Last June, he married his high school sweetheart, Christina—one of the happiest days of our lives.

Our child received the miracle of life when we walked into this hospital. For 25 years, beautiful things have happened at this place, all because Lucile Packard had a vision and because so many generous donors made lifesaving care possible for all the families with sick children. We’re grateful for that every day.

Pam Cambra-Sams, mom

This article first appeared in the Spring 2016 issue of Lucile Packard Children's News.