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Caregiver Coalition (for Children with Special Healthcare Needs)

Organization: Health Leads Inc.

Primary Contact: Tigee Hill

Grant Amount: $50,000 for 8 months

Date Awarded:


Health Leads launched the National Caregiver Coalition in 2022 to provide an inclusive and intentional space for caregivers and partners across policy, health care, and philanthropy to collaborate and take action on key issues with a focus on financial sustainability for all types of caregivers. Through this grant, the Caregiver Coalition will develop a documentary-style media campaign series hosted by care receivers that demonstrates what life is like with and without a caregiver. The series will be featured at the 2024 Caregiver Summit and further disseminated as an advocacy tool to help payers and policy makers better understand the essential role of caregivers and the obstacles they face, with a goal to enhance compensation and benefits for caregivers.