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Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Continuity Strategies Conference and Guidelines Formulation

Organization: Columbia University Medical Center

Primary Contact: Jeffrey Edwards

Grant Amount: $155,636 for 12 months

Date Awarded:


Children with medical complexity often require care in pediatric intensive care units (PICUs), and some have prolonged PICU stays that last weeks or months, which pose tremendous obstacles and stress for patients, families, providers, and institutions. Long-stay patients (LSP) also have higher rates of medical errors, morbidity, and mortality than other patients. Currently, there are no agreed-upon standard practices to ensure continuity of care for LSP, and existing strategies, are underutilized and understudied. This grant will support a project to define and widely disseminate standards and guidelines for high-quality PICU care through a multi-disciplinary convening that can improve outcomes for LSP, their families, and providers.