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Grantees Evaluate Children’s Health Foundation

PALO ALTO – Joining a growing number of foundations across the country, the Lucile Packard Foundation for Children’s Health recently commissioned the Cambridge-based Center for Effective Philanthropy to survey the foundation’s grantees.

Results of the independent survey found that grantees rated the foundation highly in three key areas: understanding and advancing knowledge in its field; quality of interactions between grantees and staff; and clarity of communications. Respondents also said they view the foundation as a local leader in children’s health issues and as a key player in advancing policy related to children.

At the same time, grantee responses indicated that the grantmaking program could improve by simplifying its proposal and reporting processes; making its non-monetary assistance more consistently helpful; and reducing pressure on grant applicants to modify their priorities to get funding.

The foundation commissioned the survey as part of its ongoing efforts to be open about its grantmaking process and responsive to the communities it serves. Its results can be compared to foundations throughout the country. The foundation has conducted self-assessments since it began awarding grants in 2000. Results of the new survey, as well as past evaluations, are available online at .

The Palo Alto-based Lucile Packard Foundation for Children’s Health is a public charity whose mission is to “promote, protect, and sustain the physical, mental, emotional and behavioral health of children.” Since December 2000, the foundation has awarded 301 grants, totaling $25,819,606, to 154 different nonprofit organizations in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties.