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Orange County Care Coordination Collaborative for Kids: Access to Care for CSHCN

Organization: Children's Hospital of Orange County Foundation

Primary Contact: Rebecca Hernandez

Grant Amount: $ for 24 months

Date Awarded:


Orange County recently transitioned children served by California Children’s Services to a managed care plan under the Whole Child Model program. The grantee has received previous funding from the foundation, and has successfully improved service delivery in the county by establishing better communication, coordination, and implementation of best practices among providers of service for CSHCN. This grant will provide support for identifying and addressing barriers to care that may arise as families attempt to access care. Products from this work will contribute to statewide discussions about the transition to managed care by sharing insights from the Orange County implementation.

Related Resources

The Orange County Care Collaborative for Kids (OCC3 for Kids), a multi-agency, cross-sector collaborative working to improve systems of care for children with special health care needs, explored the impact of the Whole Child Model (WCM) transition for families in Orange County, CA.

A guide developed to assist parents and caregivers with navigation of the Whole Child Model (WCM) program in Orange County, CA. This resource provides an overview of the systems serving WCM children and families and identifies sources for a range of services and supports, including California Children’s Services, CalOptima (Orange County’s Medi-Cal Managed Care Plan), CalOptima Health Networks, providers, and pharmacies.