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We did it! Thanks to our amazing community of online donors, we more than TRIPLED our fundraising goal for the Back-to-School fundraiser! Together we raised an impressive $9,870 for our students at the Hospital School.

As one of the teachers at the Hospital School, I am inspired every day by our incredible students. Students like 7-year-old Soraya, who always has a smile on her face despite the medical challenges she's facing. Students like 16-year-old Oscar, who spent the morning painting with us before going into surgery. Students like siblings Gage and Sierra, both fighting the same heart issues like champs and supporting one another every step of the way.

For me and my colleagues, teaching isn't just about getting through a lesson and meeting grade standards. It's also about developing our students' creativity, and helping them express themselves and maybe forget for a moment that they're in the hospital. Next to health, our students' education is our priority. 

This year we've had a huge increase in student patients and we've been scrambling to buy resources and supplies. These incredible funds will allow us to update curricular materials to align with Common Core State Standards, restock our library, and purchase new math and science manipulatives for hands-on experiences. We also hope to buy new art supplies, games for socialization and learning, bedside supplies, and maybe even a new desk!

On behalf of all the teachers, volunteers, parents, and patients at the Hospital School, thank you for your support this back-to-school season. We are so humbled and grateful to know that there are people like you in our community who care so much.