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You did it! Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford and faithful 49ers fans have won the Touchdown for Kids' Health Fan Challenge against Children's Mercy Kansas City and Chiefs fans! We had so much fun during our friendly competition. Even our hospital's CEO, Paul King, got in on the action. He was challenged to a friendly wager by Children's Mercy CEO, Paul Kempinski, to wear the top fundraising team's jersey. 

You helped raise more than $49,000 for the Lucile Packard Children’s Fund, which supports pediatric and obstetric research; family and community programs; and care for all children, regardless of their families' ability to pay. Because of your amazing fundraising efforts, Paul Kempinski sported a 49ers jersery. But the real winners are the children in our care at both great hospitals.

We received many messages from the Packard Children's family and 49ers fans! Here are some that touched our hearts:

  • "I have worked at Packard since 2001 but not as long as I have been a 49er fan.  This is a wonderful and spirited way to raise money for children's health.  While it is not as much as I am donating to Packard I will also donate a smaller amount to Mercy Hospital.  All children deserve happy, healthy lives." -Laurie
  • "What a fun, friendly 'competition', the only winner being the children you serve.  You have cared for two children that are very dear to us, thank you for the work you do and your dedication to serving children and families." -Helen
  • "Our children are our future champions! :-)." -Susan
  • "Packard Children's hospital holds a special place in my heart.  My family stayed for weeks there for each brain surgery my brother had.  The best, kind hearted staff.  So happy to donate to such a special cause." -Gina

We are so grateful for the amazing support of 49ers fans and donors like you.