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Ever since 3-year-old Effy (a cancer patient) first came to our hospital in July 2013, her beloved stuffed monkey Nunny has been with her for every treatment. Now, Nunny is missing, and the community has quickly banded together in a heartwarming campaign to #BringNunnyHome.

“We have told Effy that Nunny is currently visiting his family in the rainforest, to which she replied, ‘Why can’t his family come and live with us?” mom Jennifer wrote on their Team Effy Facebook page. “Until Nunny is found, we thought perhaps people might want to send Effy a postcard ‘from Nunny’ – she would love to hear about his travels and all of the fun stuff he is doing while away from home.”

Soon after, postcards and letters as far as Hawai‘i and London have poured in. The Watsonville Police issued a “Be on the Lookout” alert, and local news stations have picked up the story as well.

Many supporters have sent replacement monkeys, but Effy would know instantly they weren’t her Nunny. “She knows the stitching on Nunny’s foot was coming apart and just the way he looks,” Jennifer says. “There’s no fooling Effy.”

 “As you can see from the video and other posts, the two of them have been through so much together. Everything from physicals to chemo sessions, and last year, some superhero flying lessons,” Jennifer explains. 

With all of the community support, we hope Nunny will come home to Effy soon.  In the meantime, if you would like to send a postcard to Effy “from Nunny” the address can be found on their Team Effy Facebook page

Update 4/12/15: We're thrilled to announce that Nunny the monkey is back home with Effy! Read her family's message here.

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