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Pediatric-to-Adult Health Care Transition Quality Measurement

Organization: National Alliance to Advance Adolescent Health

Primary Contact: Peggy McManus

Grant Amount: $50,000 for 12 months

Date Awarded:


Without a structured transition process from pediatric to adult care, youth with special health care needs can experience gaps in care leading to problems with medication compliance, adverse health outcomes, diminished quality of life, and preventable emergency room and hospital use. A key barrier to effective transition is the absence of measures to understand whether transition has occurred, and if so, how well. This grant will support development and dissemination of guidance on appropriate transition quality measures. The grant builds on a previous Foundation grant to NAAAH that funded development of financial incentive models to encourage collaboration between pediatric and adult clinicians to implement structured approaches to transition.


A set of guiding principles for health care transition quality measurement, a measurement framework with health care transition-related domains and subdomains, and a conceptual model that provides a visual of the domains were developed by a national stakeholder advisory committee. The project was grounded in a comprehensive search for existing measures within national databases and clearinghouses. Existing measures were classified as structure, process, outcome, or mediator measures and measure gaps for each domain were identified. A manuscript of the process and findings has been written and submitted for publication.